Tutorials Results 2015

Winter Scene GS: MUS, Mariel activity

Frame and BCK: TP



Bear Ballerina: MUS

Other Tubes: VCP, PFOP




Snowman GS: MUS, Frame and Grounds GS: MD, activity by Sylvia

Other Tubes: TP, SBP



Bear Outline and Tut: VPA 

Other Tubes: TP



Winter Scene GS: APNT , activity the JB




GreyScale DBM - DOODLELINE - ALLEY, activity the Mariel

 Other Tubes: TP


Doll Outline and Tut: MUS

 Other Tubes: TP, LH



Heart and Bear GS: MUSMD, activity from Sylvia

Other Tubes: VCP



Doll Outline: Foxianne (Closed site) - Tut: VPA

 Other Tubes: TP



Valetine's Day Scene GS: MUS, activity the JB

 Other Tubes: VCP



Spring Scene GS: MYG, acitivity for Mariel

Other Tubes: TP, PBH



Bear Outline and Tut: MUS

Other Tubes: TP


 Luna Scene GS: MUS, offered by Sylvia

Animation by me

Outline and Tut: VPA

Other Tubes: TP


GS: MUS, activity the JB


Other Tubes: PFOP

Outlines:  MD, DE, MYG - activity the Mariel

Other Tubes: PBH


Flower Frame Outline and Tut: MUS

Other Tubes: TP


St Pattys GS: MUS, offered by Sylvia

Other Tubes: VCP


Patriotic Doll Outline and Tut: VPA


Carumba Bunny GS:  MUS, offered by JB

Other Tubes: VCP, LPP